We are the future of communication using Passive Optical Local Area Networks [POLAN’s].

Fibrepoint brings together some of the finest solutions for Optical LAN deployment. We are vendor neutral and constantly search for the most appropriate solutions for our customers, bringing together all the resources needed to deliver a strong, secure and cost effective outcome.

From initial consultation through to solution selection, we can advise on design, build and commissioning, and then offer continuing assistance when considering 24/7 support, maintenance, repairs and upgrades.

Our teams are especially keen on passive, full fibre optic data networks. There are many good economic reasons to move over to a fibre optic network but if you truly want to experience all the great features that new technology offers then you will need the fastest, most reliable access possible. Maybe soon there will come a time when you will not be able to access even basic communications without a fibre optic network close by.

POLAN Network Design
POLAN Network Install

We want to make it easy to understand how fibre optics can help you build a better business and explain where and when to use optical technology to gain the best advantage.

It’s not just about data speed, it’s about reduced installation costs, faster deployment, amazing space saving and future proofing; it’s about security and safety, low energy, reduced Cap-ex and Op-ex; it’s lower total cost of ownership, but most importantly, it’s delivering the best experience to your employees and customers alike.

And if you have customers that demand personal access such as with hotels, leisure and retail, then you really need to get up to speed to bring true fibre optic connections as close to the end user as possible.

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